October 25, 2018

A few months ago, I came back to Manila. After months and months of travelling foreign cities, I finally came back to the city which I call ‘mine’. I came back with the same thirst for adventures, so I went and did a little ‘staycation’ at my own city and stayed at Z Hostel.

Z Hostel is located perfectly in the metropolis of Makati, and is very accessible to everything you will ever need.

Their lobby was clean, the staff were so approachable, and it was easy to spot. Plus, there were tips written on the walls with regards to where tourists should go or what terminal each airlines were at the airport. I think it is pretty smart to put information like that for their visitors.

I had to wait for a few minutes to check in because I arrived early. Can you spot my massive yellow and gray bag that I got from High Sierra?

I stayed at their cafe to work for a couple of minutes, and the lights were just so perfect!

Upon entering the elevator, you will see some posters for events and happenings at the hostel, or on nearby areas.

Also, Z Hostel is a plastic and straw free hostel. How awesome is that? I always admire people and establishments that truly care for the environment.

So this was my dorm room. It was a bit spacious, clean, and the beds were really comfortable.

You also get assigned a locker upon check-in.

Here is another photo of our cute little room.

There was a black board in the room where you can write random stuff on. I think it was pretty clever…although I forgot to write something on it, lol.

Now this was my own personal bunk. It came with a pillow, a duvet, and a mattress with the sheets on already. I hate it how in some hostels you have to put your own sheets on the mattress. It is just very stressful for me, because at the end of a long day and just carrying your backpack around, all you want to do is just lay down and rest. So, good job to Z Hostel for already putting the sheets on the mattress.

My bunk also came with a light, a plug and a place to store my stuff on the side of the bed. It was really nice, and the bed was really clean and comfortable.

Most of the time, the elevators are full because the Z Hostel’s rooftop is also a nice hangout spot in the city. So you would have to take the stairs…which is also fine.

Different DJ’s play at the rooftop bar every night. The vibe is amazing, and the people are just great. You get to meet different people from different places; locals and travellers alike. It is a place where you can have fun and learn about different people’s culture as well.

Of course, after a night of partying, coffee is surely a must. You can get a nice cup of coffee at their cafe for a reasonably good price. There are other selections of food and beverages too!

Oh, this bracelet was actually used as their mode of payment. You load money into it and you just tap it and it magically pays for everything you will ever need at Z Hostel. How awesome is that?

All in all, I have enjoyed my time and my stay at Z Hostel. It is a hostel that I would really recommend people to go to whenever they are visiting Manila. Surely, this is the hippest, hottest and most amazing hostel there is in the metropolis.

SUGGESTION/s: I would say just a bigger venue for the roof top bar because it is always packed! But it also means that it is a good place to chill at. Everything seemed great nonetheless.

DIRECTION/s: If you will be coming from the airport, click HERE to be redirected to the direction of Z Hostel.

So that is it. If you ever find yourself in Manila, make sure to check out Z Hostel. Click HERE to know more about them and their rates.

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Have a great rest of the week to everybody. As for me, I will soon prepare for my next class as I am currently teaching English in Taroudant, Morocco. See you all next time. Blessings!

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Ephesians 4:1-3 NIV

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