August 27, 2016

It’s been too long! I’ve been quite preoccupied with life but I’m making more time to write on my blog now, especially that I’m putting up a Facebook page for it now to make me feel more ‘legit’. Hahaha! I really think blogging will do me good so I might as well continue, right?

Anyway, I went on a road trip from New York to Tennessee last week so I’ll be posting a lot about that in the weeks to come! I’m so excited! Just bear with me on this one, hahaha!


The view of the Washington Memorial whilst I was standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

You guessed that right! Our first stop was Washington D.C.! From New York, we passed by New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and then Washington D.C., so we took a stop there for a day and just took some photos and wandered around.

Disclaimer: Probably most of the photos you’ll see in this post are selfies because you know how hard it is to travel alone, hahaha!


An obligatory tourist photo, of course.

I sent my mom this photo and she told me I’m getting fat! Well it’s not my fault the food here is nice! Who can blame me for eating too much American food? Heh!



Another tourist-y photo, forgive me.


This statue was in front of the White House. I think it looks somewhat like a statue in front of Buckingham Palace, or is it just me? Brits, what do you think?


The White House

To my countrymen, it’s our counterpart of Malacañang. This is where the President of the United States of America lives. I was trying to look for President Obama or maybe have a good chat with First Lady Michelle because she’s so amazing, but no such luck. Maybe next time.

This photo is in a bad condition (sorry about that) because I had to zoom in too much because we were so far and there were barriers and we couldn’t go nearer.

NOTE TO SELF: Invest on a nice camera. Any sponsors? Loljk.


Just another selfie with the White House in hand…get it?


The Lincoln Memorial

You guys, I think I’ve found Olympus!


We walked all the way from The White House to the Lincoln Memorial. It wasn’t that far but it wasn’t near either. I suggest you go on bikes if you can. There are bike rentals around the city so you can do that if you’re not keen on walking.


President Abraham Lincoln

I think he’s rather comfortable on that chair, don’t you think?


A photo with ol’ Abe! I remember the second Legally Blonde where Elle Woods was sad with her snap cup (i don’t remember clearly if that’s what it’s called, lol)  and realised it was filmed here!

Also, the locations I went to are mostly the settings of my favourite films and books! But hey, who can blame me? I’m a Creative Writing graduate! It’s my thing, heh!


I spy with my little eye…

So that’s basically my whole Washington D.C. trip! It’s not that long and detailed because we just really walked around for a day and stopped to take photos. My Georgia post would be more interesting, I believe so stay tuned for that!

Ah! It’s going to be my last week in New York after staying here for so long! I think I’m headed to Taipei after. Any recommendations? Well anyway, keep travelling and don’t let your inner wanderlust die!

“If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures. But if they obey not, they shall perish by the sword, and they shall die without knowledge.”

Job 36: 11-12 KJV

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