May 2, 2017

They said that your visit to Taiwan wouldn’t be complete without visiting an authentic tea shop, and drink traditional tea. So I didn’t waste any chances on missing out, and I went to one of Taiwan’s oldest tea shops (which was very accessible because it was ridiculously close to the hostel i was staying in), Wang Tea 有記名茶.

As I entered their shop, I was greeted by warm smiles by the staff and I chatted with one of the ladies for a good five minutes before the guy who toured me around their shop arrived.

My guide, Jason, toured me around their shop. I was very amazed because it was also there where they make all their beautiful teas. He also told me that this tea shop was a family business. How cool is that?

He explained to me that, aside from the modern tea making methods, they still do the traditional tea making methods where they use charcoal and the skin of the rice. It makes me happy to know that some people and establishments still care about traditions and that they’re doing their best to keep the traditions alive.

These are some tools that they use for the traditional tea making method.

They use these things when they cook the tea leaves using the charcoals and the rice skins. I think it’s a very interesting way of making tea. How I wish they were making tea that day so I could witness the magic!

This was what it looked like when they’re doing the traditional tea making method. Looks cool, doesn’t it?

This was their Tea Winnower. I’m not sure about what it does, but it sure looks cool. Heh!

Some more tools that Wang Tea 有記名茶 uses to make their amazing tea.

This was the area where they pack and sort out their teas. So amazing to think that they still do it by hand and without the help of machines.

After the tour of the shop, they let me try two of their specialty teas. This was their Chi Chong Oolong-High Mountain Oolong Tea. It’s a black tea, and they said that the darker the tea is, its leaves are going to be more curled up.

I usually like green tea more but this type of tea really blew my mind! It was so good!

It had a beautiful golden colour and it has a dark but soothing texture when you drink it.

Now I couldn’t leave the shop without trying my favourite green tea, right? This was their Wen Shan Pouchong Tea. The lighter the tea, the leaves tend to be straighter with a bit of curl. It’s beautiful, if you ask me.

This type of tea has has 10% fermentation and it’s actually a kind of Oolong Tea that’s close to green tea, as you can see on its lighter yellow-ish colour and it doesn’t have a darker sensation unlike the black tea. It was perfect and I’m not even kidding!

This was where they brew their teas when you visit their shops. How cute is this?

How cute are their tea cups though? I wish they sold them because I’d surely buy some so I could take them home with me. Ah!

They even gave me some tea bags as a ‘souvenir’. How generous are they? I seriously would come back to this tea place if I ever was in the area again. Such hospitable and caring people.

I really recommend visiting Wang Tea 有記名茶 if you’re ever in Taiwan. They have branches not just in Taipei, but they also have stores in Tainan, Kaosiung and all over the country. There’s no chance that you should miss out on their beautiful teas!

SUGGESTION/S: Well it’s a family business so I understand that the space is tight and all that, so yeah.

DIRECTION/S: If you like walking (like me, hihihi), you can walk to Wang Tea 有記名茶 from Beimen Station (Green Line). You can click HERE for directions.

If you’re interested in purchasing all kinds of teas from them, just click HERE and you’ll be automatically redirected to their website.

Also, special thanks to Jason who toured me around and who let me try their teas, and for answering my emails.

Don’t miss Wang Tea 有記名茶 if you’re ever in Taiwan! Possibly the best tea I’ve had in my life yet!

***This is a sponsored post.

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