April 29, 2019

After a few months, I have finally had the time to post the remaining photographs from my most recent trip to Morocco. So here you have it, the second part to my travel diary for Morocco!

If you were to visit (any part) of Morocco, one thing you will notice is that they have an abundance of orange trees.

I got these camel skin leather loafers from a local souk in Marrakech. They were 100 MAD which was about $10 USD. I mean, come on! They’re pretty dirty and a bit broken now but I still wear these loafers around the house.

This beautiful blue house was actually owned by the designer, Yves Saint Laurent.

Forgive my face, but I was so happy to be there.

This place is called the Jardin de Majorelle.

There is an entry fee of 40 MAD or $4 USD, but I really think that it was so worth it.

Whilst walking around the Jardin de Majorelle, I stumbled upon this man just sketching his was through the garden. I wanted to approach him and say that he is so talented, but sometimes my shyness gets in the way of things.

I opted to take a photograph of himself instead, but he caught me. Ooopsie!

Walking around the Marrakech Medina can be a bit confusing.

Here is my Italian friend, Christian, just messing around the streets of the Medina.

Of course, who am I to pass up an opportunity to take some portraits of my amazing friends inside this medina walls? Here is my Icelandic friend, Lena. Isn’t she a beauty?

Here is, yet another, photograph of my Italian friend, Christian.

Of course, I wanted one for myself.

Not many of you know but I am working on a little documentary, and here is my (other) Italian friend, Luca, being interviewed for that said documentary.

I just love it when I meet travellers on the road who are always up to play with art and help you out with your projects.

Before we continue, I have to warn you that there will be a lot of photographs of myself on this post.

We hiked a little mountain in Chefchaouen, and I had to wave around my country’s flag, the Philippines.

It was a pretty chilly hike since it was raining. If you are wondering what the bulk inside my jacket is, that is actually my camera. I was so afraid that it was going to get wet so I put it inside my coat.

Walking and hiking in the mud. My friends did not tell me we were going to be hiking so my outfit was not mountain appropriate. I had fun, nonetheless.

Here I am with my best friend, my little camera. I feel like what I’ve seen, these lenses also have seen.

Taking a photograph of the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen.

This camera has been through so much. I have dropped it a couple of times due to my clumsiness, but it never gave up. Hahaha.

A rare photograph of myself by my amazingly talented friend, Simo Tabtaoui.

Sometimes having your portrait taken without any make up on is the rawest and realest thing you could ever possibly do.

This was the scene from the medina from up top.

Chefchaouen is actually dubbed the ‘Blue Pearl of Morocco’. Need I say more?

A girl has to sit down after a day of exploration.

I mean, look at how blue these walls are?

Here is a grumpy ol’ me complaining to my friends how hungry I was and that I needed more time to sit down, lol.

Chefchaouen is, most definitely, my favourite place in Morocco (if not the world). It is also more beautiful when it is sunny. We arrived at a quite gloomy day, but the next days to come were beautiful.

Just trying to sink in that I am actually in Africa. Sometimes it takes a while for all the blessings to sink in, but then again, I know and try to remind myself of how grateful I am and should be for my life. Everything is a gift from God–even the hardships.

Here is a photograph of my American friend, Cira, as we were sitting on one of our favourite spots in Chefchaouen.

Whilst sitting and snacking, we were approached by this little school boy who also wanted his photograph to be taken.

He gave us his best smile and told us, “Merci pour le photo!”

Just another ordinary day in Morocco.

How crazy that, for quite a while, this was my backyard?

One of my favourite couples ever, the Romanian riding duo, Andrea and Radu.

These two are riding south for the winter.

The beautiful, Andrea, who is not afraid of anything!

Of course, the equally amazing, Radu.

They actually are riding from Romania to South Africa. How awesome is that?

You can follow them along on their adventures by heading over to their website, Moto Migration.

I don’t think I have ever met such a daring and beautiful couple like these two.

I hope to meet them again somewhere along the way. Maybe in the Balkans? Who knows? Only time will tell.

But like everything and anyone you meet on the road, you have to part ways and wave them good bye.

I call these two my ‘moms’. They are my American friends: Saniya and Cira.

The beautiful city of Chefchaouen caught in the most beautiful time of the day; sunset.

This was the mosque in the center of the Chaouen Medina.

Up top is the only luxurious hotel in town. Mostly you stay at AirBnB’s or hostels. This photograph was taken at my favourite spot in all of Chaouen, a little cafe called Hamsa.

My two beautiful moms; Saniya and Cira.

My awesome Canadian friend, Josh. He actually did the Camino de Santiago before we met, and it only made my longing to do the trail even more! Sometime in the next year, God willing.

Here is my Cornish friend, Jack, inside the camper van that we drove to get to Akchour.

We call him, ‘the leggy blonde’. I think that nickname suits him well, don’t you think?

Another photograph of my favourite Cornish, Jack. Not only has he the most amazing hair, he has equally amazing taste in music. I think that’s why we got along so well. Oh, and he eats my cooking!

Of course, a little memento photograph of myself riding our little camper van.

A portrait of Saniya during one of our pit stops.

A photograph of Cira during another pit stop.

I just love candid photographs because they show the real emotions of the people in front of the lens.

Here is a local lady that we encountered whilst on our way to Akchour. Yes, those were her goats.

A photograph of myself trying to be cool in front of our little camper van.

Another photograph of Cira trying to get into the bus.

I remember this moment. Cira actually tried to jump into the camper van and it ended to badly. She hit both her shins and they ended up being bloody. Kids, do not try that at home!

This little ballerina trying to dance it up in front of our camper van that I, so graciously, named little Harvey.

Here is Saniya in her natural state, just snacking it up.

I mean, is that not a sight for sore eyes?

Here is, yet another, photograph of Saniya.

I love photographs like this one that shows raw emotions.

This is, most definitely, one of my favourite photographs that I have ever taken. Ever. We were waiting for sunset and I stumbled upon this lady looking through the cliffs. I wonder what she was thinking.

Here is Saniya trying to put on her jacket and failing because of the wind, hahaha.

She succeeded, I think.

Here is another photograph of myself by the cliffs. I was probably thinking to myself how it would be so unfortunate if the wind blew me over on the edge. That was a rather windy day so that was quite the possibility.

Find the little mosque in this photograph.

I miss this view, and I wish to come back here with someone I love in the near future.

Morocco is such a thing of beauty.

My favourite humans in Morocco, my moms.

The following are just a series of photographs of my American friend, Cira.

This was taken during our pit stop as we were trying to catch the sunset. I mean, you don’t really get to see a place this beautiful every day.

These African horizons are one of my favourites.

These two made my trip to Morocco so amazing an memorable: Mohammed and Jack. This photograph was taken during out pit stop for coffee and tea and some smoke.

Here is a photograph of Jack huffing and puffing.

Saniya just enjoying her warm glass of tea.

And just like that, it was time to go.

The last few months in Morocco has been an absolute delight. Volunteering at a hostel in the mountains of Africa was so fun and memorable. I have met a lot of amazing people (some are assholes too but oh well), and did a lot of things that I never thought I would enjoy. Like what? Hmmm. Like go hiking every single day, go vegan, ultimately detach from the world wide web, and what-not. This is not something I usually do, but Morocco has made me love it. Africa was a dream, and as sad as I was to leave it, it was time to move on.

Photographs are such a great way to preserve the memories. In the future, when I am old, I would say to myself or to whomever will listen that these times had been the best times in my life.

Africa has been a dream. I intend to come back in the near future, and hopefully, with someone to share the beauty of it with. Hopefully. For now, I have to work and earn more money to travel. The cycle!

I hope that you have enjoyed these series of photographs, and if you have questions about Morocco, please do not hesitate to drop them below. Have a great week, everyone! Blessings.

“God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.”

Psalm 46:5 NIV

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