July 4, 2017

Whenever I would ask people or my fellow travellers as to which spot I shouldn’t miss when I visit Boracay, their answers would always be similar. It’s Tilapia ‘N Chips.

Tilapia ‘N Fish not only serves the freshest fish and seafood in the island, they also serve some of the best meat and desserts! Not to mention that their prices are very reasonable.

As we came into the restaurant, the servers were very hospitable and they seated us and didn’t let us wait. Yay to that because who likes waiting, right?

We met with Bill and we had a bit of a small talk because he was busy that day, and we just proceeded with ordering our meals and trying out what this restaurant has to offer.

They pride themselves with their BBQ Ribs, but due to that fact that I can’t really eat meat, my boyfriend did it for me.

He said that the meat was really moist and juicy and it was very well seasoned. He finished the plate all by himself. Though he said that it was a bit fatty, but delicious nonetheless.

One of the things that Micah misses about home is Poutine. He was really ecstatic when we saw that this dish was included in the menu. He had to get it to try if it was up to his standards.

To everyone who doesn’t know what Poutine is, it’s basically Fries with Cheese Curds and Gravy. It’s a must when you visit Québec, Canada.

He looked very happy with his Poutine so I guess it tasted very well. He’s a very happy Canadian boy, heh!

Almost everything came with a side of Salad or Coleslaw. I wish the tomatoes were sliced a bit smaller and they’d throw a bit of olives here and there, but it was refreshing still.

For the main course, we had Fish and Chips. To my disappointment, their best seller, Tilapia, was not available that day and they had to use Cream Dory as substitute.

For starters, their Chips were very freshly cooked and crunchy. It’s how I like my Chips. Their Fish is very well seasoned and moist too! It tasted really good and their homemade Tartar Sauce enhanced the flavour of the Fish. As for the Coleslaw, it’s a bit sweet like how it should be.

After my dining experience with Tilapia ‘N Chips, I realised why people keep recommending and coming back to this place. It’s because of its homey atmosphere, amazing food, and friendly service. I’d most definitely recommend this place to anybody who’s about to go to Boracay.

SUGGESTION/S: I don’t have any problem with any of the food because it was great, plus the service was amazing. Although, maybe the salad could’ve had more greens or vegetables on it like olives or onions, etc. Other than that, I have no issues with it whatsoever.

DIRECTION/S: Tilapia ‘N Chips is relatively near to D’Mall so it’s pretty easy to find. You could just ask around and everybody will know this place, for sure!

I had a great time at Tilapia ‘N Chips and my belly was really happy as I left the place.

Special thanks to Bill for showing us around and for assisting us when we visited.

If you’re looking for a place to hangout at with good food, great service and an even greater ambiance, Tilapia ‘N Chips is the place to go!

***This is a sponsored post.

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