November 22, 2018

A few weeks ago, I did an unexpected trip to Chiang Mai. I did not really know what to expect because I was not prepared at all. As a matter of fact, I was prepared to leave Thailand and head for Morocco–but Eurowings screwed up my flight and decided to rebook me to the next flight bound for Morocco (which was a week after). It was very inconsiderate, inconvenient, and just stressful. They did not even give me any compensation. I will write about that story in the next coming days, but for now, let us focus on Chiang Mai.

Upon heading back to Bangkok from the airport, I looked up places to stay in Chiang Mai. There was a lot, but I did not know what to choose. I have heard a lot of things about Chiang Mai because most of my friends have already been there, but to their surprise, I never actually put it on my to-go list. So with the uneventful flight, I have decided to take a bus to Chiang Mai and just see it for myself. About damn time, for sure. I checked into Thunderbird Hostel and I was not disappointed.

Thunder Bird Hostel is conveniently located inside the walls, and in the heart of Chiang Mai. From the bus station, we rode a red taxi-ish tuktuk and paid about THB 20 each to get here. We were a group of 5 so we paid THB 100 in total.

It was actually a very popular hostel. We showed the driver the address and he simply took us there. The entrance of this hostel was located inside an alley way, the vehicle could not pass directly so we had to walk. To be honest, they need more signs because it was a bit hard to locate…or maybe we were just sleepy. Thank goodness they had this little banner.

This was the entrance to the hostel. It looks pretty minimalist, and I specially love the liveliness and the colours that the plants give. The design is subtle but beautiful, and it is not overwhelming.

Of course, there will be a huge statue of a bird’s head…hence the name of the hostel: Thunder Bird Hostel. It was a little freaky at night, not gonna lie. But it works and it blends perfectly with the hostel.

These were the beds. There was a lot of space for your head if you are on the bottom bunk…but if you are on the top bunk, good luck with that climb.

You get a mattress, a pillow, and one duvet when you check in. It was rather comfortable and clean and the rooms smelled really good. Unlike other hostels that rooms smelled of old. Plus, we get a good view of the nearby market from our room window.

I really love how subtle their decors are. But everything works well together. Plus the plants add a great pop of colour and life, don’t you think?

I loved hanging out in this part of my hostel. The chairs were surprisingly comfortable and I loved how airy it was.

Also, Thunder Bird Hostel is a great place to stay at if you are vegan. They have vegan food options on their menu, although I am going to say that these prices are not cheap. Ha!

To be fair, I have seen a lot of hostels in Chiang Mai because my friends and I were staying at different ones. I would like to think that Thunder Bird Hostel was the best out of the whole bunch. Why? The decors were amazingly subtle, the staff were very helpful, the location was perfect and accessible to everything, the amenities were so clean, and they have hot water in the shower! For me, hot showers are a necessity so I instantly just fell in love with the place.

If you are thinking about visiting Chiang Mai, then Thunder Bird Hostel is the place to be! You can check out their website by clicking HERE.

I am giving away a 10% discount when you book your spot at Thunder Bird Hostel via Simply click HERE and save my discount code and you automatically get a 10% discount when you book your accommodations via What a score, right?!

SUGGESTION/s: As I have previously mentioned, it would be more convenient if they had a few more banners to show where to hostel is…or like a marquee sign. I had troubles finding it at night because it was just so dark outside. Aside from that, nothing else. It was perfect!

DIRECTION/s: If you are coming from the bus station, just click the link HERE to get the directions via Google Maps.

My stay in Chiang Mai had definitely been upgraded all thanks to Thunder Bird Hostel. I really recommend booking this hostel if you are ever thinking about visiting the beautiful province of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

What is the best hostel you have ever been to? I would love to know in the comments section below.

I hope everyone is having a great time, and as for me, it is time to face to hard and cold winter in Chefchaoene, Morocco. ‘Til the next!

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“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.”

Psalm 100:4 NIV

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