October 30, 2018

For the past few weeks, I have been teaching abroad and I am loving every bit of it so far. You see, teaching English abroad has always been a dream of mine. A dream that I now got to fulfill. Although this is not actually a full time job, I am volunteering via Workaway. But it does not make the experience less authentic.

Currently, I am writing this blog post in Morocco. I figured, I might as well write a long and overdue reflection on the first few weeks of my teaching English abroad experience. Well, here it is.

I am staying at a town called Taroudant, and it is located on the southern part of Morocco. It is very traditional, quiet, and surprisingly chilly in here. I did not come prepared as I only have two sweaters and one thermal coat. Who knew that it would actually be cold in Africa? Nope, definitely not me. But it is. So now I have to endure this winter in my summer clothes. Another thing, I can never wear half the clothes I brought here with me because Morocco is a Muslim country, and well–most my clothes are summer clothes and show some skin. So basically I am required to wear the same two sweaters I have. Not a problem though.

Anyway, my students are sweet Moroccan children and teenagers. Honestly, I never thought that I would be qualified enough or good enough to teach anything at all. But this opportunity has opened so many new doors for me. I love it and I will forever cherish these moments spent with these awesome people.

There is a video coming up on my YouTube Channel about a day in our lives here in Morocco. So stay tuned for that, and I am very excited! For now, I would like you guys to know that I am alive and striving to endure this travel life that I chose. Not complaining, as a matter of fact, I am very grateful for everything. Just so, so grateful!

There are new blog posts coming up this week. So sorry for the minimal posting–internet in Morocco is not the best. But I am working harder to bring more content up, so just stay tuned! Freezing in my bed at the moment and just about to sleep. Another work day tomorrow and I just cannot wait to see my beautiful students! I hope everyone is having a lovely time wherever you all are. Blessings!

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Romans 12:21 NIV

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