July 4, 2018

Before we go any further, I would have to warn you that this will be a relatively short blog post about a relatively short trip to one of my favourite countries; Thailand.

Coming from Penang, Malaysia, I had nowhere to go but up. Enduring an almost 12-hour bus + van + ferry journey, I arrived in Krabi, Thailand.

If you have been reading my blog for quite a while now, you would know that Thailand forever holds a very special place in my heart. Why, you ask? It’s because this is where everything started. You see, back in 2015 I ventured upon my very first solo backpacking trip. I was a young (and foolish) university senior who needed to get away from everything. My escape was coming to this beautiful country. I wasn’t disappointed because everything went really well, I had so much fun whilst discovering my passion, and I met one of my greatest loves.

This trip to Krabi wasn’t expected and I was only there for 48 hours (including travel times). It was a pretty short amount of time but I realised that I needed to make the most of it instead of just bumming around my hostel and *working*.

On these 48 hours, I took the liberty of following the advice of a friend. He told me to stay a little longer and just explore the island. I was bound to come home to the Philippines that week and I was on my way to Phuket, but I followed his advice and I stayed behind.

The thing about Thailand is it’s very synonymous with the Philippines. They are very much alike. These blue sky and clear waters greeted me as I approached the island of Ko Lanta, where I will be staying the next 24 hours or so.

I actually rented a motorbike for 200 THB per day excluding the gas that you need to run it. I would say that it is a very cheap investment if you would want to see the whole island without having to hail a tuktuk everywhere you go.

My 24-hours in Ko Lanta was basically spent in my swimsuit and hopping on and off my trusty motorbike. I opted for a motorbike instead of a moped because I’ve had a pretty bad experience running mopeds so we should always consider that.

Oh, and these are my favourite sunglasses. I got them from Amazon. Aren’t they cute?

Growing up in the Philippines has always been a joy to me. I got to go to the gym whenever I wanted because it never snows, the water never gets cold and sometimes, the sand never gets hot. It’s the magic of these tropical paradise.

This was at a hidden beach in Ko Lanta. Driving for 45-minutes was pretty scary especially when the roads that lead me here was pretty rough and bumpy. But it sort of is a metaphor for life. If you come to think about it, the roads that often lead to beautiful destinations are always the bumpy ones and the ones that are very hard to tackle. You just have to hold on, keep on pushing forward, and believe that the destination will be worth it.

A book is something that I never let go of in my bag. It is always one of my beach essentials. On that day, I was reading ‘The Unicorn Road’ by Martin Davies. I actually got this book from Queen’s Hostel in Penang, Malaysia. I read this book as I patiently waited for the sunset to come in my little corner of paradise.

Since I really lacked photographs from this trip, here is another selfie.

One thing that I really regret from this trip is not taking out my camera from my bag and not snapping photographs. I was thinking at the moment that I wouldn’t really be enjoying myself and it wasn’t really safe to carry a large camera whilst driving a motorbike. I was probably correct…but I do regret not having much photos from the trip.

One thing that I love most about travelling is having to taste different cuisine from different parts of the world. This is one of my favourite dishes. It’s called a ‘Thai Papaya Salad’, and it is somehow reminiscent of ‘Atsara’ that we have in the Philippines.

I did get to eat a ‘Pad Thai’ which is a classic dish and a must try when visiting Thailand. It is also one of my favourites…however, I did not manage to take a photograph. Sad!

One activity that I really enjoy but don’t do often is sailing. I have a friend who owns a boat in New York and we would sail along Long Island and the Hamptons. It was a really great thing to do, especially in the summer.

This was taken whilst I was aboard a ferry that would take me to Ko Phi Phi and, eventually, to Phuket. I was about to catch my flight later that day and I had no spare time on my hands. But instead of panicking, I just lay down the floor of the ferry and listened to this song called ‘Touch the Sky’ by Hillsong Worship. It is one of my favourite songs and that touch made it a really perfect day.

I think there is just something calming about staring blankly into the ocean and admiring its beauty. Paying attention to the rhythm of the waves is a hobby that I like to do. This was probably one of the best days in my life.

This was the sunset on that very lovely day I spent on the beach. They say that every painted sky is a canvas of God’s grace. I think they’re right. How can somebody say that there is no God who makes such wonderful creations like this? Nature is truly a marvelous gift to mankind.

If I were ever given the chance to go back to Thailand, I would go to this place again and actually enjoy myself for a longer period of time.

Ko Lanta is such a wonderful place and it is such a tranquil little island on the province of Krabi, Thailand. It is now one of my favourite places in all of Thailand.

Also, if you were to visit Ko Lanta, I stayed at a hostel called Lanta Long Beach Hostel. They have a private pool, a pathway to their private beach and you can rent a motorbike at the reception. All the staff were very accommodating and the amenities were clean. If you would like to book them via and get a 10% discount on your entire booking, click HERE.

Thailand is surely a gem in Asia. I will, most definitely, be back to explore more of this wonderful country!

“And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.”

1 Peter 5:10 NIV

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