December 18, 2018

My mother always told me that I have the hands of a lazy child. Why, you ask? Well they have always been so soft and I always kept them polished and well moisturized. To be quite honest, I have always thought that the most beautiful part of my body were my hands. But as of late, I have found my hands getting more and more worn down in the past couple of months. It was not a sight of beauty, instead, it was a sign of maturity and growth. These hands that I, so carefully, took care of, were slowly reaching out to the world.

Growing up, I did not really have to do a lot of household chores. We always had a housekeeper who always did everything in our house. So, naturally, I would have really soft hands because all I did not really do anything. I felt like that was such a wrong thing to do. As I was growing older, I had to co-function with a lot of different people in society. There were my friends from school, from my local neighbourhood, and from the workplace, eventually. I was a loner, if I may say so. I did not really mingle with a lot of people growing up because I was always at home reading a book. A day passes by and I would never really do anything but read.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of things that I have not really done before.

It is currently winter here in Morocco, and in order to survive the freezing weather, we have to light up the fireplace. In order to light up the fireplace, we needed to cut some wood in our backyard. Yes, you have read that right. I have chopped wood using an ax so we could burn some wood for our fireplace, in order to keep ourselves warm. It was a weird yet fulfilling feeling. In America, we do not really need to chop wood in order to keep our houses warm. All we needed to do was switch on the propane tanks and heat would eventually flow through our houses. But in Morocco, everything was different. People needed to chop wood in order to not survive the winter. I have realised how fortunate, blessed, and spoiled we are that we did not need to do all the manual labour in order to survive–and most of the time, we take these blessings for granted.

One thing I have always wanted to do was paint a wall. I have also just done that in the past couple of weeks. A few volunteers and I have been painting the walls of the hostel we are currently staying at. This paint literally dried up my hands so badly that I had to keep putting lotion in it because it was really not a pretty sight.

Another thing, I literally just had the chance to use a drill today! Two shower handles in the hostel that we are staying in were broken, so I had to drill up holes, work out the screw, and fix it. I never thought that I would, eventually, do handy works anywhere. It was inevitable, I suppose, especially when I get my own apartment. Little did I know, it would be this soon. Ha!

I have done so many things outside of my comfort zone. My feet have taken me in so many places, and whenever it hurt, I am reminded of how far I have come. On the other hand, my hands have helped me reach out to the world and do things that I never thought I would have to do. Life is never what we predict, if I am going to be honest. It never really is. The thing that we have to do is embrace each season that we go through, and reach out to the world with both hands. Believe me, it will be so worth it!

The thing about the past months are, I have done a lot of things that mattered more in my life. In the past month, I have learned more, grown more, and became more mature. For these experiences, I will always be grateful and I will always cherish these moments in my life.

In the next year, I am planning on doing more memorable and meaningful things. I will embrace the changes whenever they decide to come, and I will extend my arms and hands to the world whenever God decides it is time for me to move onto different things or a different path.

For now, I am continuing into my journey of self-betterment and self-growth.

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV

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