June 18, 2018

My trip to Penang was short and sweet. I ended the Lunar New Year celebration in this city with some new friends that I will cherish forever. I also stayed in the best hostel in George Town, Queen’s Hostel.

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The week prior my arrival in Penang, I was in Kuala Lumpur. I had some pretty indecent encounters at mixed hostels in Kuala Lumpur so I said to myself that I would either book an AirBnB or just look for an all-female dormitory. I was so happy to have stumbled upon Queen’s Hostel!

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I have never felt so much safer in a hostel than when I stayed at Queen’s Hostel.

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They only have one big dormitory where all the ladies checked in share. These curtains serve as dividers that gives each and everyone their own privacy.

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This was my cute little space. I have a bed with a pillow and the comfiest duvet, a trunk for my important personal stuff, a lamp and an outlet. What more can you ask for in a hostel?

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This is their little working area inside the room. There are seats and the when you open the windows, it will give you the perfect view of the street outside.

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They have a Mini Bar where you can give and/or take some toiletries or other miscellaneous things that you need whilst travelling.

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I am an avid reader. I mean, I am a writer and I think all great writers should be great readers too. So I always tend to bring a book to read whenever I am out on my trips…and it is a plus whenever the hostel I am staying at has little book exchange shelves.

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Here are some of the books on their book shelves.

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The room at the hostel was always clean and it always smelled really good…all thanks to Samantha!

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They also have cute little decorations placed everywhere. It is rather charming, I must say.

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This is their common room. You can chat with other travellers, rent a bike, talk to the staff and just hang out. There are also plenty of flyers that can show you what to do and where to go around Penang.

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A little bit more of the cute decorations around the hostel.

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They have activities at the hostel every afternoon. Whilst I was there, they were doing yoga and painting classes. It was really fun and you get to interact with a lot of different and amazing people from all over the world.

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They also have a very high-tech lock in the room.

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I think I hang out too much at the common room, heh.

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These were the stairs that lead up to the dormitory. It is very colourful and I like it very much.

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I very much enjoyed my stay at Queen’s Hostel, and if I ever were to go back to Penang, I would definitely stay here again!

Just to clarify, the dormitory at Queen’s Hostel is only available to girls. But you can rent out private rooms if you are interested in staying here and if you are a guy.

You can check out Queen’s Hostels website by clicking HERE.

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SUGGESTION/s: The only problem I had with the hostel in general was the shower upstairs. It can barely produce water…the water pressure was so bad. But other than that, everything was pretty great.

DIRECTION/s: I had a pretty hard time finding Queen’s Hostel because there was a hotel called Queen’s Hotel on the exact same street. My taxi driver got a little too confused about it but in the end, we found it. If you are travelling from the bus station to Queen’s Hostel, and need some direction, just click HERE.

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Isaiah 40:31 NIV

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