December 8, 2018

A few months ago, I headed to Chiang Mai for a very short getaway. My flight to Morocco (from Bangkok) was cancelled and rebooked, and I was already so fed up with the vibe in Bangkok. So with all that said, I fled to Chiang Mai, and during this short stay, I discovered OON Poshtel + Cafe.

The first thing that I noticed when I entered OON was how the light just entered the cafe. It was very bright, and just very airy…just how I liked my cafes to be.

The aesthetic and decorations were beautiful too. They were very simple but they popped beautifully.

I opted for a decaffeinated drink because I was having an acid attack in my stomach that day. So I ordered a yogurt smoothie instead. I think this had strawberries, mangoes, and mint in it. It was very refreshing and was very tasty!

The cafe was decorated in these lights instead of the typical light bulb. It actually reminded me of the light from Pixar. Ha!

Instead of a cake, I opted for a croissant so I could taste and enjoy the drink better. Because I feel like if I eat two sweet things at once, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate them both. So I opted for a simple yet filling croissant so I could enjoy the taste of my smoothie better.

Also, this croissant was just perfect. It was flaky and light.

From the seats inside the cafe, you can pretty much see the outside. Perfect for people who love people watching…like me!

The smoothie I ordered was topped with bits and pieces of mangoes and a strawberry plus a random leafy green for a touch of colour.

I loved this little basket on the side corner. It was very subtle but noticeable at the same time!

This whole meal was just another level. I, definitely, will say that OON Poshtel + Cafe is a must visit when you’re in Chiang Mai. It’s a wonderful experience in itself.

The counter was made from the stuff you build roofs out of. I just love cafes that just have the perfect balance between simplicity and uniqueness. OON Poshtel + Cafe, most definitely, is one of those cafes!

They have bottles of waters and glasses for everyone. One thing I didn’t like was the abundance of straws they had. Maybe it’s time to invest in metal or bamboo straws?

I really loved my experience with OON Poshtel + Cafe. The place was clean, the food were delicious, and the staff were very accommodating. What more could you ask for?

I, definitely, will come back to OON Poshtel + Cafe when I go back to Chiang Mai in the future. I loved this experience in this beautiful and cosy Thai establishment.

To be honest, I fully recommend visiting OON Poshtel + Cafe, and I’m sure you will not regret it!

To see more of OON Poshtel + Cafe, click HERE to be redirected to their website.

SUGGESTION/s: Like I’ve said, I just had some problems with the abundance of plastic straws they had. But other than that, it was great. I fully recommend coming to OON Poshtel + Cafe.

DIRECTION/s: OON Poshtel + Cafe is located inside the city walls. It, definitely, is very easy to locate, and it is right next to a laundry place.

I cannot wait to come back to Chiang Mai and visit OON Poshtel + Cafe. If you ever find yourself in Chiang Mai, this is the cafe to be. ‘Til the next!

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1 Timothy 4:15-16 NIV

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