May 2, 2016

I went up north with my mother and baby brother last weekend because we were all longing for the beach. Well we went with my mother’s friends from work and their families so it was a crazy fun weekend. I don’t usually go to this part of the country, but Olongapo City did not disappoint!

Ocean View Beach Resort in Olongapo City, Philippines.

We arrived at like, 9AM and the weather was super chilly. It was actually drizzling when we were on our way up north so me and my brother were sort of afraid that it was going to rain and that we won’t be able to enjoy our beach weekend.

Me burying my brother in the sand.

The day consisted of me complaining about how much my feet hurt because of the sun, trying my hardest not to fall off the ocean whilst riding a banana boat, and me trying to bury my brother in the sand.

The latter part didn’t really work out because he was too fat so there wasn’t enough sand and because whenever I would put sand on his body, he would laugh because he is so ticklish, then the sand would eventually fall off his body. We just gave up, ha!

“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

Anaïs Nin

I live in the Philippines where there are beaches everywhere but ironically, I haven’t been to the beach for more than two years. So I was really happy when I got to bury my feet on the sand and just soak my hair in saltwater. I looked like a giddy child just running into the beach and just cannon ball-ing (not a word, hehehe.)

Riding a boat as we went island hopping on Subic Bay.

The sea was really blue when as we departed from the shore. It was the warmest shade of the colour blue that I’ve seen in my whole entire life. It was amazing! We even saw little fishes swimming! Too bad there were no dolphins.

The sea changed colours!

As we got closer to one of the islands with the lighthouse on it, the sea changed its colour from warm blue to a deep emerald green. It was bizarre, but not in a bad way! How can someone say that there is no God who controls and designs all things? He is indeed amazing for creating such beautiful places for humans to enjoy.

When I got off the boat.

It was super slippery! There were mosses underneath the ocean floor so you could easily slip if you’re not being careful enough. As a matter of fact, I slipped and dropped my brother’s iPhone on the beach. Buti na lang hindi siya nasira or whatsoever kasi if nasira, patay ako! Hahaha!

Dani on the Rocks, ha!

This was at one of the islands we went to on our island hopping escapade. It had a lighthouse in the middle of it, but mostly there were amazing rock formations that could actually kill because it was both slippery and very pointed. My brother, Jessica, Howard and I immediately regretted leaving our flip flops behind because the aside from the pain that the rocks brought, there was also the sun who kept on making our path even hotter!

“Say I’m a bird!”

The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks

I’ve always wanted my Allie moment ever since I could remember! Good thing my brother was there to capture this photo! But my Noah is in Canada, what to do?

Beach hair, yas!

After island hopping, we went banana boating. But we don’t have a photo of it because our phones couldn’t handle water. Damn, iPhone! I hope they make waterproof ones, hehehe. Maybe I should just buy a GoPro, hmmm?

So we went home afterwards because my mother wasn’t feeling really well and the clouds were starting to become the darkest shade of the colour gray.

Don’t want to leave the beach just yet!

{Tassel shorts from Bangkok, Thailand.}

I actually wanted to swim some more, but the weather wasn’t very cooperative that day. Bummer! But all in all, it was a good weekend filled with good Filipino food, great people, perfect beach yet a very moody weather, and myself trying my hardest to capture every moment of it. Too bad my iPhone died halfway through our boat ride.

All photos were taken using my iPhone 5S.

“We have escaped like a bird from the fowler’s snare; the snare has been broken, and we have escaped.”

Psalm 124:7 NIV

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