November 13, 2020

Sometimes, working can be a tad bit hectic and so I usually like to unwind by playing music. Although it really is important to find the perfect work playlist because music can play a vital part in your workflow. Truly, there is a playlist for every occasion and today I’ll be sharing my favourite work playlist with all of you!

Normally I do listen to a variety of music. There’s a playlist for my ever-changing moods and it really depends on what I’m working on. Like I can’t listen to anything upbeat when I’m writing but I do love listening to reggaeton when I’m just editing photos. So it really depends on what my task is for that particular moment.

Usually my tasks vary almost every single day but one thing is for certain; I have to write every single day. That’s not a poetic phrase, it’s just I have to write every single day for work. As you all know, I’m not working full-time as a content writer for a media company I love and admire. One of these days I should just share some of those articles I’ve been working on for them…although today is not that day, heh!

So I usually do content writing, editing, formatting via WordPress, photo editing and obviously, photography. I tend to do a lot more, but these are the tasks that I tend to do on a regular basis. So these tasks vary because I tend to have different attention spans for each one. Erm, I don’t know if that makes sense but it sort of does in my head…heh!

Anyway, here are my five of my favourite work playlists:

1. Jazz in the Background

This playlist is kind of self-explanatory judging from its name. It’s mostly soft jazz and this is the playlist that I tend to listen to whenever I’m writing or whenever I’m brainstorming for ideas. This playlist is honestly perfect for working because it has really great songs, it doesn’t distract you from the work that you need to do, and it’s also very soothing.

Jazz in the Background is a playlist made by Spotify and you can listen to it by clicking HERE.

2. Created for Creating

Whenever I’m feeling a tad bit mellow or whenever I’m in the mood for something quite deeper, then I listen to Created for Creating. This playlist was actually made by my very talented friend, Will Morgan who is an extraordinary photographer from Wales.

Created for Creating is a playlist I’m so in love with, and this really is the perfect playlist to listen to whenever you’re creating anything visual. It just gives you bits of inspiration and all the songs in this playlist are all soothing.

Listen to Created for Creating by clicking HERE.

3. Quarantine

It was actually I who made this playlist, heh. This is my annual playlist and this is the one I made for 2020. I started making this playlist when I was in Mexico and it encapsulates all of my feelings for the whole year.

This playlist is named after the infamous ‘quarantine’ that we all went through this 2020. Quarantine is sort of an upbeat playlist with hints of country, pop and indie. Well, there might be a bit of rap in there somewhere…so yeah! If you are looking for a playlist to listen to for a bit of fun, then this is it! Plus, you can even practice your Spanish with the reggaeton songs here.

Listen to Quarantine by clicking HERE.

4. Papuri

Whenever I’m feeling swamped with work or overwhelmed then I tend to listen to worship songs. There’s just something special with these songs because it’s a reassurance of how much God loves us. I just love it, and so I made a playlist dedicated to some of my favourite worship songs.

Papuri means ‘worship’ in Tagalog. If you are feeling down, this is the perfect playlist for you!

Listen to Papuri by clicking HERE.

5. Hertz Healing Frequencies

This playlist might sound weird but it actually helps a lot.

On days when I feel like I’m not in the mood to listen to music but am too distracted for white noise, this is what I blast on my speakers. They say that this can boost your mental health and since I’m as gullible as can be (heh), I listen to this.

Give it a try and you might actually like it!

Hertz Healing Frequencies is a playlist made by @yoginihannah on Spotify and you can listen to it by clicking HERE.

More often than not, music can really make or break your workflow. This is what it’s really perfect to choose the perfect work playlist. So if you feel like listening to some of these playlists I’ve recommended, then I’d really appreciate it if you can go give it a like on Spotify!

For now, back to work for me…and back to my music session ahora, por supuesto!

I do hope that everyone is having a great weekend. What is your favourite work playlist? Let me know by leaving a comment below. I always love listening to other people’s playlist and discovering new music. So yeah, be safe and have a great weekend!

*Photo is by Travis Yewell via Unsplash.

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”

1 Peter 5:6 NIV

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