June 5, 2017

For my 21st birthday celebration, Micah and I flew to Boracay Island in Aklan, Philippines. We’ve been fed up with Manila’s busyness and pollution (huhuhu, sadly) so we opted to escape into paradise.

Our flight got delayed. Thanks, Cebu Pacific. Heh! But we got there safely, that’s what matters.

For our first meal on the island, we visited Los Indios Bravos.

From the name itself, Los Indios Bravos, really caught my attention. For everyone who doesn’t know, the term ‘indios’ were used for Filipinos by the Spaniards during the colonisation times.

According to the restaurants’ website; “In the late 1800’s Filipino intellectuals and warrior-poets started using the word ‘Indio’ (a derogatory term to refer to the Islands’ natives) as a badge of honor and a source of pride. They eventually formed a society that fought for reforms and more rights for their countrymen and called themselves ‘Los Indios Bravos’ — The Brave Natives.”

I loved their interior design. It felt gastropub-ish and cosy and very elegant, all at the same time!

I really love the fact that they incorporated the photographs of the Philippine Heroes on their interior designs and menu.

They served us welcome drinks as soon as we settled on our seats. I considered this as my pre-birthday drink, considering that it was my birthday the next day.

We started of our meal with a traditional Filipino dish, Kilawin. It’s somewhat very similar to Ceviche. It’s composed of fish, chilies, onions, croutons, carrots and vinegar. It’s delicious and it’s a must try!

Los Indios Bravos also pride themselves for bringing in craft beer into the local beer industry, especially here in Boracay Island. These are some of their best picks.

According to them, “This gastropub is a tribute to all those pioneering men for we too are breaking new ground in Boracay as we are the first to showcase all-Filipino handcrafted beers on tap paired with classic pub food from all over the world.”

This was their Chicken Tikka Wrapp with a side dish of Fries. Believe me when I tell you that it’s really to die for! It’s made with grilled Indian chicken, hummus, moutabel, fried onions, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, falafel, cucumber, and is wrapped in flour tortilla and is served with their curried tomato masala sauce and tomato chutney. Now doesn’t that sound good?

This was one of their special craft beers. It’s called Midnight Blur and it’s made with cacao and coffee notes. My boyfriend had this and he said it tasted a bit caramel-y.

Did I mention that Los Indios Bravos serve good fries? Yes, they do. Need I say more?

For our last meal, we had some salad. But not just any other salad, it’s their Chicken Souvlaki Salad. It’s made with special tossed salad greens, seasonal vegetables, garlic croutons, chicken and passion fruit dressing.

Personally, I think it was the Passion Fruit Dressing that took this salad to a whole other level!

Micah and I had a very nice time at Los Indios Bravos, and we had a very sumptuous dinner too! I surely recommend this place to everyone who’s visiting or who’s thinking about visiting Boracay Island.

Take it from me, Los Indios Bravos is not to be missed!

Also, my biggest gratitude to Ms. Mitch Rosal for accompanying us and for the meals. Thanks to management and all the staff too! You guys were awesome!

SUGGESTION/S: I think the only thing I could suggest (because their food and interior is already perfect, heh) is that they should add a bit more light because it’s a bit dark at night.

DIRECTION/S: Los Indios Bravos is a bit hidden so from D’Mall, I guess, it’s apprximately a 7 minute walk…depending on how fast you walk. Hahaha! Just click HERE for the direction on how to get there.

To know more about them, their food, and their mission, click HERE to be redirected to their website.

***This is a sponsored post.

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