May 12, 2017

Taiwan is home to many amazing night markets. They say that it isn’t a trip to Taiwan if you haven’t devoured local food at the night markets…and that’s basically what I’ve been doing on most nights that I was in Taipei. Yep, I’ve been very accustomed to the night market life. I didn’t even know where to start because they’re everywhere!

However, I wanted to try something fancy and unique so I went to Karen Teppanyaki at the Nangang District’s Global Mall. They said that Karen Teppanyaki is the go-to place for some authentic Taiwanese Teppanyaki, so that’s where I went.

As I arrived, the manager, Mr. Andy Liao, wasn’t there yet because I actually arrived three hours prior our appointment. Hahaha! Talk about being punctual, right?

This was what their branch at the Global Mall looked like. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to sit on an actual table or you wanted to sit in front of the stove where you can see the chefs cooking your meal. Of course, I sat in front of the stove because I wanted to get the full ‘Karen Teppanyaki Experience’, hahaha! I just waited for Mr. Liao whilst sitting on these regular chairs, heh.

They prepared a full course meal for me. How amazing is that? It was a good thing I came in with an empty stomach, hahaha! PG lang, ‘beh? Char!

First, they served me with Rice topped with toasted Sesame Seeds. I mean, come on! It isn’t really Asian Food without rice, right? Hahaha!

Second, they served me a bowl of Cream of Mushroom Soup.

This soup was really creamy and rich. It also had a very soothing aroma to it, which I liked very much.

Then the dishes kept on coming, wooot!

This was a simple yet tasty Cabbage Teppanyaki with a bit of spice to it. I think it’s a bit similar to coleslaw without mayo and the other stuff. I’m not really a fan of cabbage, but surprisingly, I really liked this one.

Now here’s some trivia about me (that no one really asked for, hahaha). I used to be vegetarian. I grew up not eating any meat–at all. However, when I started university, that changed little by little because my friends would want to go to burger shops and whatnot. Plus, I’m dating a massive steak fan! Hahaha!

This was their signature Beef Teppanyaki. I had them cook it medium rare, just how I like my steak–when I’m in the mood to eat meat, hahaha! They serve this dish alongside their homemade Basil Sauce and Toasted Garlic, topped with Chili Powder.

Now this fish was more like it! I really like my seafood. I mean, I live in the Philippines so seafood is life, hahaha!

This was their Mackerel Teppanyaki with a side of Lime, Pepper and Chili Powder. They cooked it so tenderly and there wasn’t any disgusting taste to it unlike the other fish. It was really yummy!

Speaking of seafood…just look at this beauty!

This was their special Shrimp + Scallop Teppanyaki topped with Cilantro. I mean, just look at it. It tastes as good as it looks. Need I say more?

This was one of my favourites from the entire meal.

This was their Shiitake Mushroom Teppanyaki with Onions and other herbs, as well as red chili. Now I really looooooove mushrooms so this was such an enjoyable dish for me!

This was their Bean Sprout Teppanyaki (with the cabbage teppanyaki i’ve mentioned a while ago).

I’m not really the biggest bean sprout fan but this tastes really good!

Now they said that this was the slowest dish to cook–chicken!

This was the signature Chicken Teppanyaki. It’s served with their homemade Basil Sauce, Toasted Garlic, Red Chili Sauce and Chili Powder.

It looks so good, I’m actually drooling whilst writing this blog post, huhuhu.

The chicken meat is so tender and juicy on the inside whilst the skin was really crispy and well seasoned! I loved every bite of it and didn’t actually want to share. I’m kidding, heh! Just look at that wonderful dish. I’m not the only one who’s starting to drooling, right? Lol!

Oh, and they actually cook the Teppanyaki’s in front of you. It’s actually so fun to watch!

Karen Teppanyaki is definitely one of the best restaurants in Taipei and I’d definitely come back when I have the chance. The dishes were very flavourful, well-seasoned and all cooked with passion and love for their craft. It’s so mesmerizing to watch the chefs cook your meal in front of you. I honestly love this restaurant and I know I say this all the time, but let me tell you that I mean it when I say that Karen Teppanyaki is not to be missed when you visit Taipei!

They have a branch in Global Mall in Nangang District, and one inside the Taipei 101. You can call this number to get reservations, +886 2 8101 8285.

SUGGESTION/S: Well the food are actually all great so there’s no doubt nor question on that part. However, I hope that they’d update their website more or that they make an Instagram page because that sure is a big factor on how to spread the word. Also, people nowadays want to see photographs of food on social media first before actually going on a restaurant. So that’s a factor, I guess. Other than that, all is well.

DIRECTION/S: If you want to go to the branch at the Global Mall in Nangang District, click HERE to get directions on how to get there from the Taipei Main Station. But if you want the full Karen Teppanyaki Experience at the Taipei 101, click HERE for the directions on how to get there, also from the Taipei Main Station.

I actually can’t wait for my next trip to Taipei because I can’t wait to dine with Karen Teppanyaki again!

Lest I forget, special thanks to Mr. Andy Liao for the hospitality, the warm welcome, and for simply answering all my emails prior my arrival to Taiwan. Many thanks to the Chef and Staff and the Managers of Karen Teppanyaki for my first Teppanyaki Experience! I had so much fun, and my belly was very happy!

Don’t miss Karen Teppanyaki if you’re ever in Taiwan for the authentic Taiwanese Teppanyaki Experience! You may click HERE to know more about them and to be redirected to their website.

***This is a sponsored post.

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