April 21, 2017

It’s been raining non stop when I landed in Taiwan. It rained too on the days following my arrival. However, that didn’t stop me from trying out one of Taiwan’s most popular dishes, the shaved ice.

I went to Ice Monster in Da’an District because I’ve heard that this was the best place in all of Taipei to try this refreshing delicacy.

Walking into their store, I felt such a busy vibe. Probably because of all the people that are coming into the store and their chit chats. Too bad I was alone when I visited Ice Monster, huhuhu. Bae is all the way in Canada, heh!

The staff at Ice Monster were all very welcoming. As I went to my seat, they had followed me with a cup (i have issues with tea in paper cups but meh) of hot tea. I liked their tea, not gonna lie. It was soothing, especially on a cold busy afternoon.

This was a Pineapple Flavoured Shaved Ice. It had a bit of a tropical feeling when you bite into it and well, I grew up in a tropical country so this one was a ‘yay’ for me.

This tropical bowl had a Pineaple Flavoured Shaved Ice, Caramelised Pineapples, Frozen Green Mango Bits and Lime Sorbet on the side.

Not to be bias but I looooooove mangoes! So devouring this bowl of Mango Flavoured Shaved Ice felt like I was in heaven!

This bowl had Mango Flavoured Shaved Ice, Milk Pudding, Mango Ice Cream, and Caramelised Honey Dew Melon on a separate bowl.

I’m such a big fan of tea and I could drink tea every single day! This was actually a Jasmine Tea Flavoured Shaved Ice. Yes, I know it sounds weird. However, it tasted so good. You can take my word on that one.

This bowl had Jasmine Tea Flavoured Shaved Ice, Frozen Green Mango Bits, Lemon Flavoured Jelly, and Lemon Sorbet on the side.

Now you just can’t go wrong with Lychee and Kiwi, can you?

This bowl had Kiwi Flavoured Shaved Ice, Caramelised Kiwi, Caramelised Lychee, and Lychee + Mint Sorbet on the side.

All of the shaved ice at Ice Monster are actually made from fresh fruits/teas. You can see from this photograph that this Kiwi Flavoured Shaved Ice had actually Kiwi bits on it. How awesome is that? Also, check out this Lychee + Mint Sorbet! You just can’t deny the fact that it looks so darn good!

I actually was so full when I visited Ice Monster. I mean, all these shaved ice just for me?! Taiwan sure knows how to spoil an aspiring blogger! I just love this country!

This was their Coffee Flavoured Shaved Ice. My favourite, so far. Hahaha! I love coffee, like really.

This had Coffee Flavoured Shaved Ice, Milk Pudding, Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, and Caramel Syrup drizzled on top. Sounds yum, right? It sure is!

Now this one is an interesting one. It’s like a Deconstructed Milk Tea, hahaha.

This bowl had Milk Tea Shaved Ice, Milk Pudding and Caramelised Tapioca on a separate bowl.

I felt like I was eating and drinking a Milk Tea both at the same time, hahaha! If you want to know how that feels? Make sure to visit Ice Monster and order this Milk Tea Shaved Ice.

Now this one isn’t shaved ice. It’s a Grapefruit Sorbet with Tangerine Jelly that’s laying on a bed of ice. It had tasted slightly bitter because of the grapefruit. However, the tangerine jelly made a really nice pop of fruity flavour and it complemented the bitterness in such a great way.

Just me enjoying my Grapefruit Sorbet, yay. I was clearly such a happy and full kid, hahaha. I had the most amazing time at Ice Monster. Such a refreshing experience!

Ice Monster makes all their shaved ice, ice creams and sorbets. They make it completely from scratch! How cool is that?

All in all, I had such a wonderful and interesting time at Ice Monster. I’d most definitely recommend this Shaved Ice Cafe to everyone who’s in Taipei or who’s thinking about visiting Taipei. Make sure to put them into your itinerary. It’s worth the visit, trust me!

SUGGESTION/S: I hope they had a bigger space because so many people just wanted to get in and try all their flavours! So blessed to have tasted almost everything on their menu, hahaha! I had such a great dining experience and I don’t think there’s anything else to say, heh.

DIRECTION/S: It’s a two minute walk from Sun Yat-Set Memorial Hall (Exit 1). Just ride the Taipei MRT’s Blue Line and you’ll find Ice Monster easily.

Shoutout to Erica Yang who kept me company whilst I was trying out their shaved ice. Also, many thanks to Betty who assisted me and answered all my emails, and thanks to Ice Monster’s Manager, Mr. Hugo Kao.

I’d definitely go back here when I visit Taipei again! Believe me, it’s worth a visit!

***This is a sponsored post.

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