September 18, 2018

I am pretty sure that based on the title of this post, you would know that this is not a particularly happy story.

Yes, you have read that right. In the last two years, I was denied entry to Canada by the Canadian Embassy, not once, not twice, but three times! On my first try, I was in New York. I was going to accompany my cousins (who are all united states citizens) on a road trip to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I got denied. On my second try, I was in Manila. I was going to accompany my [then] boyfriend to his brother’s wedding in Ontario. I got denied. On my third try, I was back in New York. I was going to visit my [then] boyfriend into his hometown in Quebec. I got denied.

It broke my heart knowing that I was not good enough to enter this particular country that I dream to, one day, see. Canada has been a dream, and I have heard nothing but great stories from all the wonderfully polite Canadians that I have met along the way. Too great of a story that I fell in love with one. But with these denials, come one too great of a heart break. All these visa refusals took its toll on my long distance relationship.

It was never easy. I, literally, have to work harder than normal first world travellers to prove my means and that I will leave the country in a certain date. I mean, my passport is nearly full, and I have been everywhere! But why can’t I be granted entry into Canada? I am aware that this country is one of the best there is and that they have to be picky with who they let in. But how am I different from other first world travellers who are my age? How am I different from them? I have my money, if not, I would not be even bothering getting my visa because how will I support myself once I am in the country? My track records are exemplary. Plus, I have not overstayed any of my visas. I am probably one of the most law abiding citizens you will ever meet. But why have I been refused three times? What did I do wrong? How can I change this?

You know, I felt that all these setbacks have been preparing me for the goodness and the grace that is to come my way. Who knows? Maybe it is four times the charm. I have to stop myself from feeling sorry for myself because these are just little bumps in my road. These are not permanent. I can always try again, but there is always that feeling of fear that I have whenever I am to step inside a Canadian Embassy. It is hard to accept reality, and it is hard to stay faithful amidst trials. But if I can do it, so can you. I am sure that the Lord is just preparing me for greater things in store in my future. I am also sure that I will get to see Canada when the Lord deems the moment right. Until then, I will be praying and patiently waiting with a glad heart and an uplifted spirit.

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

Isaiah 40:29 NIV

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