November 1, 2018

Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

It’s true and I agree with Julia, a hundred percent. But as much as I love eating, I also enjoying cooking a whole lot. For me, cooking is very therapeutic and it unites people together. Cooking is an art and magic all in one, and as a traveller, I am very fortunate to taste and cook food from all around the world. That is why I am so proud to announce that I am now a Cookly Ambassador, and we will be cooking all around the world.

Baan Sattaya is the cooking school that I went to, and it was located in Bangkok, Thailand. I actually had a hard time finding it because there were no signs whatsoever, but other than that, there weren’t any problems at all.

As I walked inside the place, I saw all the fresh ingredients that we were going to be using to cook the dishes.

My teacher was patiently waiting for me at this table. There was also a television set that shows the different dishes and desserts that they make.

They served me with a tall glass  of purple tea that smelled as good as it looks. Although I am not exactly sure what it was, but it was definitely very refreshing and aromatic. There was also water alongside it.

These are dried shrimp that we were to use for some of the dishes.

Of course, no Pad Thai is ever complete without the noodles. We had to soak these noodles for it to be soft when we cook it.

We worked with a lot of fresh vegetables that day. It was very amusing and pleasant to see, especially with their different and vibrant colours.

These were tamarind pulps and plum sugar. We used it for the Pad Thai recipe that we made.

Here are more varieties of the vegetables that we used. The unique looking root crop in the photo was a type of ginger, and the little avocado looking fruit was another type of lime. I just love how you see so many different types of food when you travel. It is like you are opening up a world of opportunities and growth. I just really, really love it!

These are actually beans that we used to make Look Choop. It is a traditional Thai dessert that, unfortunately, not many people make anymore. But with Baan Sattaya’s cooking classes, they are reviving the tradition and keeping it alive.

These are the food colouring that you need in order to create the designs on the Look Choop that you will make.

Also, no Thai dish is ever complete without a good serving of coconut milk!

Of course, I just had to take a photo of myself with their logo. I mean, pics or it didn’t happen, right?

They give out sheets of paper with the recipes printed onto them for you to take home. Check out the Pad Thai that we did and see its recipe by clicking HERE!

This was the Tom Yum Koong that we did. Just look at that vibrant colour and the mix of vegetables in it. It is as if I can smell the aroma of it whilst typing this blog post all the way in Morocco.

This was me in action–my cooking teacher was patiently teaching me the ropes. I hope I brought justice to the dishes and made her proud. Ha!

Ah, this was the first time I ever cooked Pad Thai. Good times, for sure! Now I am just making myself hungry…

Discussing with my amazing teacher about the benefits of cooking Thai food. I actually learned so much from this class, it was amazing!

Also, I caught these river prawns by myself! Not in an actual river, but in their kitchen. Ha!

This was the finished product of the Pad Thai that we cooked. Isn’t it such a beauty? I mean, come on!

Just look at how massive that river prawn in. Plus, the finishing touches on the Pad Thai looks divine. I cannot believe this is my masterpiece!

This plate of Pad Thai was the highlight of my day. I loved every bit of it and I was so amazed at how well it turned out.

This was the dessert that we made. It is called the Look Choo and it is basically made of beans. The beans are shaped into miniature fruits then they are painted then dipped into agar for that glossy finish. They taste really sweet!

This was how the Look Choo looked like as a finished product. It looks very much like fruits and vegetables! Just look at the detail on those yummy treats. Not to mention, I did them myself! I am very proud of how they turned out, to be quite honest.

This was how to Tom Yum Goong looked like after we cooked it. It had a very aromatic smell, a vibrant taste, and it looked really delicious.

This was probably my favourite amongst the dishes. It is called Choo Chee Koong Mae Nam, and it tasted of curry, tomato, fish sauce and just blended with different herbs. It had the perfect balance between sweet, salty and tangy. Perfect, I tell you. Just perfect!

Still cannot believe that I cooked all of these amazing Thai dishes. Sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort zone and just take the leap. Cookly really helps in organising these cooking classes, and I am so glad I did it. A once in a lifetime opportunity, for sure!

I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn how to make these delicious Thai dishes from Chef Noo. Definitely did learn a lot from her, and I am looking forward to make these amazing recipes when I finally get back to my own kitchen.

This special cooking class was booked via Cookly, and they have different cooking classes for different locations like Bangkok, Marrakech, Hanoi and et al. If you are looking for a great cooking class with amazing teachers plus a great price, definitely look into Cookly. You can check out their website and book your preferred cooking classes in your preferred destination by clicking HERE!

If you are headed out to Bangkok, I highly recommend booking with Cookly and Baan Sattaya. A true Thai experience that I will cherish forever. You can book your Thai cooking escapade with Baan Sattaya via Cookly by clicking HERE!

I am looking forward to my next Cookly adventure and I am very honoured to be one of their ambassadors. Join me in my next cooking adventure and hang on tight as we cook the world!

“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.”

Psalm 42:11 NIV

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