January 19, 2019

On my most recent trip to Thailand, I had the chance to cook with one of the best cooking schools in Bangkok; the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy.

This was actually my very first cooking class, ever (even prior to Cookly). I would say that this was a great way to start any cooking class journey.

After we met up to start our cooking class journey at the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy, the instructor  gives you a tour of the local market.

I think that going to a foreign city’s local market is a great way to immerse yourself in that city’s culture, people, and food.

Any guesses what these are? Nope? Well, these are little Thai aubergines, believe it or not. To be quite honest, I thought they were green grapes at first glance. Boy, was I wrong!

I just love going to local markets because you see the actual products of the locals and they are fairly cheap!

After the tour of the local market, we headed to the actual kitchen of the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy to start our cooking journey. As we went to our stations, there were plates of all the ingredients we will be needing for our dishes.

These were the ingredients that I were to use for the Black Pepper Beef.

Now these are the ingredients for the famous Thai Papaya Salad.

These were the ingredients for the Pineapple Fried Rice.

And these were the ingredients for the Khao Soy.

Of course, what is Asian cooking without a wok?

This was the bowl-ish thing where you steam the rice for the Mango Sticky Rice…another famous dish in Thai Cuisine.

This was what our cooking stations looked like. It was clean, spacious and we can clearly see the instructor.

This was the final look of my Thai Papaya Salad. It looks amazingly good, doesn’t it? Ha!

I picked to make Khao Soy out of all the curry dishes because I was craving for some soup. This was also a local delicacy in Chiang Mai. I also have to say that this was, most definitely, one of my favourites from this cooking class. It was really, really good.

Of course, the Black Pepper Beef. I loved the contrast of colours from the different bell peppers. The beef was also pretty tender.

This was the Pineapple Fried Rice. Pineapple on pizza? Nope. Pineapple on rice? Oh yeah!

This was my dessert of choice: Banana in Coconut Milk. It was so soothing, and it tasted so rich.

After all the cooking, it was finally time to eat. Here is a photograph of myself and my fellow cooking students at the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy. You can say that we enjoyed that cooking class from the looks on our faces.

I have really enjoyed my time cooking at the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy. In this cooking class, I have learned a lot about food, history, and Thailand’s culture. If you are ever thinking about coming to Bangkok, I urge you to register for a class with the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy because you will learn so, so much. Take my word on that one.

You can reach out and visit the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy’s website by clicking HERE.

Special thanks to Ron Estrada for organising my cooking class and for the lovely welcome.

Again, if you are looking for an authentic cooking class experience in Bangkok, the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy is the place to be.

“Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.”

Galatians 5:24 NIV

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