July 14, 2018

So as you can remember, I just turned 22 last May. So I have a good eight years to figure out how to do all these things on my bucket list. Well let me tell you something about me, I love making lists! My friends are somewhat annoyed by it but I really could not care less. It makes me strive harder when I can see my goals in life in bullet form so here are 30 things that I want to do before I turn 30. Yes, eight years might seem so far away but believe me, time passes by when you’re having fun. Next thing we know, the year is 2026 and my time is up! So here’s my list along with some explanation as to why I’ve put it there:

  1. Go to Palawan’s Underground River. They said that people should explore places from their own countries first, so I’ve put this first because I really want to see this one.
  2. Go on top of the Empire State Building. New York City has always been my dream. I actually ticked this off my list last July 2016. It was one of the best moments in my life. If I could only do it again. But you know, you can never re-do something magical. I guess, that was the case for me.
  3. Take a dip at the Trevi Fountain, La Dolce Vita style. I love this movie and it’s always had a huge impact in my art. This movie is one of those movies that made me who I am today, and I am not even kidding.
  4. Ride a motorbike from Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh City. I’ve been to Ho Chi Minh City before and I’ve seen many people riding a motorbike and going up to Ha Noi so it’s been on my bucket list for quite some time now.
  5. Kiss *somebody* under the Eiffer Tower. I am not really dating anyone but this is on my bucket list. I mean, it is the city of love/lights. Need I say more?
  6. Go to Hobbiton and reenact Bilbo Baggin’s scene where he runs off screaming, “I’m off for an adventure!” I am a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit so I need to make this happen at some point!
  7. Surf in Hawaii. I’m channeling my inner soul surfer in this one.
  8. Skydive in Dubai. Everybody needs a little adrenaline rush every now and then, right? This is going to be awesome!
  9. Ride a camel in Morocco. I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco. Adding the camel is just an *extra touch, heh!
  10. See the sun rise above the Angkor Wat. Oh, I’ve already done this last May 2015. Hihihi. It was magnificent! If you want to see more about it click HERE and you will be redirected to my Siem Reap post.
  11. Eat a legit curry in India. I’ve had many curries but I can’t help but wonder if legit Indian curries tastes differently in India, hehehe.
  12. Get a relaxing massage in Bali. Somewhat like Eat, Pray, Love. Channeling my inner Julia Roberts on this one.
  13. Take part in the annual Oktoberfest in Germany. It’s beers…authentic German beers in Germany. Prost? Prost!
  14. Go backpacking across South America. I’ve always wanted to go! I’ve done Asia so maybe it’s time to expand my limits, right?
  15. Watch an opera at the Sydney Opera House. What better use of the Sydney Opera House, right?
  16. Walk on the Great Wall of China. I think my Chinese ancestors would be proud of this one.
  17. Visit Jerusalem in Israel. I am a Christian and this one is probably on the top of my list. Not that this list is in any order, ha!
  18. Go snowboarding in Switzerland. The Swiss Alps are calling me!
  19. Set foot inside the Alexander Palace in Russia. I’ve always thought that the case of the Romanov’s, the Last Imperial Family of Russia, were cool so I guess it’d be fascinating to take a peek of their home. A place that they’ve actually set foot on! Yes, I’m a history bum.
  20. Visit Canada. I mean, I have been rejected a Canadian Visa for three consecutive times. I guess if I get the (damn) visa, I would see what I’m missing. It’s just so hard to get into Canada. But I’ll get there, someday.
  21. Go see the northern lights in Iceland. Brother Bear was one of my favourite movies as a kid so I owe this one to my seven year old self.
  22. Go on a train ride in Vienna with my love and reenact Julie Delpy’s scene where she says, “I met a guy on the train and I got off with him in Vienna.” Ah! I just love this movie trilogy! Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are my teenage icons.
  23. Go to Juliet’s House in Verona and write her a letter. I’m a playwright and a huge Shakespeare fan so I think this is a big deal for myself.
  24. Have my own play performed at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Also as a playwright, this is a big deal! It’s the Fringe’s Queen Mother so having one of my plays performed here would be one of the best things that could happen in my life!
  25. Invest in something. I am not getting any younger so I think I really would love to invest in something. At the moment, bit coin is very popular but I have my doubts. Anybody has suggestions? I am open to ideas.
  26. Take my mother to Batanes. This place is my mother’s ultimate dream destination so I want to take her here when I have enough resources of my own. Soon, I hope.
  27. Visit the Sagrada Familia with my dad. My dad is an architect and his late grandfather was full Spanish so what better way to spend time with my dad than seeing one of the best architectural works of all time in a country where our ancestors were from, right? Am I making sense here?
  28. See Queen Elizabeth II at the Buckingham Palace. I know this is somewhat weird and maybe a tad bit impossible, but a girl is entitled to her dream, right? I’ve always been a big fan of the British Monarchy, I’ll have to admit. Prince George is just too cute!
  29. Feed the kangaroos in Australia. I’ll do some feeding in the land down under, hehehe.
  30. Move to a city that I actually and honestly love. I’ve always loved New York, but I sort of want to settle in British Columbia. I’ve always lived in sunny Manila, but I guess gloomy Hong Kong is also calling me. I need to figure out where to move and settle before I turn 30. Somewhere that I actually love and where I can actually settle in (visa wise).

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

Ephesians 3:20 NLT

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